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Glitter Flower Card - Free Card maknig Instrucitons

May 9th 2008 08:58
This beautiful card can be made in the colour of your choice.

Flower Glitter Cards
Finished Flower Card - in both Blue and Pink

Materials Required

1. White card A5 size folded in half (or measure card 21cm x 15 cm and fold in half)
2. Glitter in the colour of your choice. Fine grained glitter works best.
3. Piece of card the same colour as you glitter, but a lighter shade. Measuring approx 10cm x 10cm
4. Piece of gold card measuring approximately 10cm x 10 cm
5. Strip of vellum with gold pattern, 6cm wide and 17cm long.
6. Strip of thick paper, the same colour as your glitter, but a darker shade. Measuring approx 7cm wide and 17 cm long.
7. Thick gold craft thread (or other colour of your choice if preferred)
8. PVA White glue
9. Piece of double-sided sticky paper, approximately 10cm x 10cm
10. Paper punch wheel (optional)
11. Double sided tape
12. Paper trimmer and scissors


1. Print out the template below onto card.

Printing Instructions

Click on the image below to bring up the full-size image.
Choose "file", and click on "print preview"
Click on the printer symbol to start printing

Flower Tamplate

2. Cut out the flower template, and trace around it onto the dounle-sided sticky paper.

3. Cut out the flower on the double-sided sticky paper. Adhere this flower onto the centre of the piece of coloured card (10cm x 10cm)

4. Remove the top paper from the sticky paper flower. Adhere your gold string to the edges of the flower .
Hint - The final result will look better is you use a separate piece of string for each petal.
Then curl and stick a piece of string into the centre of the flower (see picture below)

5. Lie the card onto a piece of scrap paper. Cover it with the glitter.

6. Shake off all the excess glitter, catching the excess on the paper so that it can be returned to the bottle.

7. Cover the inside of the flower (touching the string edges) with a thin layer of PVA white glue. This will prevent the glitter and string from rubbing off flower once it has set. Set aside to dry (approx 24 hours).

Hint - The thinner the layer of glue, the quicker it will dry. If you try to spread it too thinly, you may rub off the glitter while you do it.

8. Tear down both edges of your piece of thick paper (7cm x 17cm) so that it is approximately 3 - 4cm wide.
Hint - If you hold your piece of paper down, and tear the edges away upwards from it, you will reveal a nicer torn edge effect.

9. Trim the edges opf the card around the flower to a square that is approximately 0.5cm from the outer edges of the flower on each side.

10. (OPTIONAL) Place the flower onto a piece of cork and using the punch wheel, mark approx 2mm in from the edges.

11. Cut a piece of gold card that is 1cm wider in width and height than your piece with the flower on it. This will give you a 0.5cm margin all around. Using double-sided tape, adhere the flower centrally onto the piece of gold card.

12. Use double-sided sticky tape to stick the strip of vellum vertically and centrally onto your card.
Hint - Double-sided tape can be seen through vellum. If you place the tape where it will covered by the torn card you will stick over it in the next step, you will end up with a much better look.

13. Use double-sided tape to stick the torn paper down centrally onto the vellum.

14. Trim the vellum / torn paper flush with the card at the top and bottom.

15. Use double-sided tape at stick the flower onto the card, over the vellum / torn paper.


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