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Plant a Flower Garden - Preschool Craft

March 19th 2009 11:32
craft flower egg carton preschool craft free instructions straws stickers
Plant a Flower Garden - Preschool Craft

Have fun making flowers and then "planting" them in pots...

Materials Required:

1. Egg carton
2. 3 straws (green)
3. Coloured thin card
4. Sticky tape
5. Decorations - textas, glitter, stickers
6. Playdough
7. Scissors


1. Print off the template below onto a piece of card.
Cut out the shapes and use them as template to draw the shapes onto coloured card.
Cut out the flower and leaf shapes from the coloured card.

NB: you will need 3 leaf shapes and one of each flower shape.

Hint: You can design your own flower shapes if you wish.

Printing Instructions

Click on the image below to bring up the full-size image.
Choose "file", and click on "print preview"
Click on the printer symbol to start printing

lower craft egg carton stickers preschool craft free instructions straws
Plant a FLower Garden Craft

2. Decorate the flowers as you wish - the ones in the photos were decorated with textas, stickers and glitter glue.

3. Tape the flowers onto the straws.

4. Decorate the leaves (if wished) and tape the leaves onto the straws.

5. Cut out a row of 3 egg compartments from a egg carton.

6. Put a lump of playdough in the base of each egg compartment.

7. "Plant" your flowers into the egg carton, one flower into each egg compartment.


- You could paint your egg carton before planting the flowers into them.

- Get creative - use buttons, glitter, punchies, pieces of ribbons, small pieces of scrunched up tissue paper etc to decorate your flowers.


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