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Underwater Fish Scene - Free craft for kids

June 12th 2008 12:14
Create an underwater scene with this easy craft for kids

Fish Ocean Scene craft free kids
Finished Ocean Scene

Materials Required

1. Piece of green paper
2. Scissors
3. 1 Sheet white printer paper
4. Glue
5. Colouring tools eg crayons, pencils, textas
6. Black texta
7. Decorations for your fish eg. Google eyes, glitter glue, sequins


1. Print off the fish template below

Printing Instructions

Click on the image below to bring up the full-size image.
Choose "file", and click on "print preview"
Click on the printer symbol to start printing

Fish template free craft underwater Kids scene
Fish Template

2. Colour in the fish.
Hint - colourful fish look great, but don't colour them the same blue as your paper or you will not see them.

3. Cut out the fish, and also cut out some seaweed shapes from the piece of green paper.

4. Arrange the fish and seaweed on your blue paper (the water). You can have fish coming out from behind the seaweed if you would like. When you are happy with your picture, glue down the fish and seqweed. Then draw bubbles rising from the mouth of some of the fish with the black texta. Note that bubbles get larger as they rise.

Fish craft kids free underwater ocean
Finished Underwater Scene

5. Decorate your fish.

I used google eyes and glitter glue, but use your imagination and come up with some interesting decorations for your fish.

Fish Ocean Scene craft free kids
Finished Ocean Scene


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